GATEWAY TO RESURRECTION by Maria Boulding. Completed shortly before her death in 2009 this book recounts D Maria's experience of the risen Christ. Re-printed.         £11.99

GATEWAY TO HOPE  by Maria Boulding
An exploration of failure     out of print - secondhand only

Edited by Laurentia Johns OSB (Stanbrook)
Foreword by Henry Wansbrough OSB (Ampleforth)       £14.99

IN A GREAT TRADITION   by the Benedictines of Stanbrook
This gives the history of the community of Our Lady of Consolation, at Stanbrook. It also narrates the friendship between Abbess Laurentia McLachlan, Sir Sydney Cockerell and George Bernard Shaw.The book has been long out of print but we are able to obtain secondhand copies which retail around £25 or £30.

THE STANBROOK ABBEY PRESS:NINETY-TWO YEARS OF ITS HISTORY Written, illustrated and printed by the Benedictines of Stanbrook        £45

FRIENDS OF A LIFETIME  by Felicitas Corrigan OSB
This book stems from the chapters in the book above which specifically deal with Abbess Laurentia, Cockerell and Shaw. The play 'The Best of Friends' is based upon this.       £ 4.99

MARKED FOR LIFE   by Maria Boulding OSB
Sr Maria speaks of the experience of prayer among ordinary people and the Easter experience of the New Testment.     
out of print secondhand only

THE COMING OF GOD  by Maria Boulding OSB
Explores the ways in which God comes to us - in events, in people, in prayer.    A good book for Advent.    secondhand only

HELEN WADDELL : A BIOGRAPHY  by Felicitas Corrigan OSB
Winner of the James Tait Black Award   £ 8.95

BETWEEN TWO ETERNITIES : A Helen Waddell Anthology
Selected and introduced by Felicitas Corrigan OSB     £ 6

DAME GERTRUDE MORE  by Frideswide Sandeman OSB
Dame Gertrude More was the great-great-granddaughter of St Thomas More and one of the founding members of the community now at Stanbrook Abbey.     £ 2.99 

An account of her way of prayer by Dame Catherine Gascoigne OSB, first abbess of the community of Cambrai (now at Stanbrook Abbey).  £ 2

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT : How one became a Christian in the early Church by Anne Field OSB
What did the new converts learn about the Faith in the early centuries of christianity? These questions are answered by the early Fathers of the Church, speaking through Dame Anne's highly readable adaptation.
secondhand only

DELIVERED FROM EVIL : Jesus' Victory over Satan   by Anne Field OSB
The teaching of St Leo the Great in a modern version. Originally issued under the title 'The Binding of the Strong Man.    £ 7.99

The words and music of the Stanbrook Abbey Night Office   £ 2   


CADENTINE RITES by D Laurentia Johns OSB 
sold in aid of the building fund    £20


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