The Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal was first published in 1971, and in response to continued enquiries a new, revised and enlarged edition has been produced in the summer of 2014. There are  two editions available: paper back and hard back, both of which are thread sewn for durability.


In line with recent publications from Solesmes, rhythmic signs have been reduced to a minimum, notation on five-line staves is mostly in quavers, quarter bars indicate where a breath may be snatched after lines 1 & 3: half bars show where a natural pause occurs between the first and second pair of lines. The hymns should be sung lightly with a flowing rhythm, giving slight emphasis to the second and sixth syllable of a line, this being the place where a change of chord in an accompaniment would be appropriate. As in plainsong, accompaniment should be smooth, preferably only changing one part at a time, avoiding leaps. It is a technique which owes nothing to the German Chorale, for instance.


The appearance of this edition owes much to the generosity of many friends who have given technical advice with admirable patience. The Stanbrook community wish to express their sincere gratitude to those who have enabled this edition to come to birth after seven years of labour: a long gestation!


Prices: Paper back:  £6.50  plus p&p

           Hard back:  £12.00   plus p&p

A discount of 10% is available for orders of more than 10 copies.



Examples are not to size.



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